How to purchase bitcoin online

Bitcoin veron

It’s very easy to purchase bitcoin online, first you need to create Bitcoin Wallet. Register to the top 1 bitcoin exchange-trade center ( ) the fastest and easiest way to buy or sell bitcoin with many options. Once you resister an account there you already own a wallet now you can purchase bitcoin using any of the payment methods (click here for image 1),also check this image(click here for image 2 ) After selecting your own payment option all you have to do is click on search and you shall see all available retailer,you can purchase bitcoin in any country especially when you are using wire transfer,credit card and paypal,all you need to do is to read the instruction and follow it carefully. Click on the buy button and a trade will open where you will be able to write the bitcoin seller e.g( click here for image 3 ) now you just need to follow the trade instruction and buy your bitcoin,also make sure you mark the trade as paid after submitting your info to the seller so that you are sure your money is in the escrow.