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Synonyms : 5-fluoro UR-144
Formal Name :
CAS Number : 1364933-54-9
Molecular Formula : C21H28FNO
Formula Weight : 329.5
Formulation : A crystalline solid
Purity : ≥98%


5 fur 144 for sale

5 fur 144 for sale is a substance which works as a strong agonist for the cannabinoid . It’s a 3-(tetramethylcyclopropylmethanoyl) indole by-product relevant to substances such as UR-144, A-796,260 and A-834,735. However this isn’t particularly indexed in the patent or medical literature along with these other similar substances. This product seems to have not formerly been produced by Abbott Laboratories, regardless of sliding inside the claims of patent. Buy 5 fur 144 online.

Buy 5 fur 144 online

A forensic standard for this substance can be accessible, and a representative mass spectrum has been posted on Forendex. An ELISA immunoassay technique for discovering XLR-11 and UR-144 in blood as well as piss. Part of general drug screens has been developed by Randox Laboratories and Tulip Biolabs, Inc.